Patron:- Mr. Peter Alliss       2019-2020    Captain : Mr. Bob Youde

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There can be few places in the country, which can rival the Leeds area for quantity, quality and diversity of golf courses.

Golfers in this region can (and do) count them selves lucky to be able to play so many excellent courses on their own doorstep.

The SOCIETY of LEEDS GOLF CAPTAINS,  Not the first society, ( London and Liverpool predated Leeds,) was formed in May 1952.

The membership was restricted to Captains and past Captains  of associated clubs within six miles of the GPO building in Leeds city centre. ( now “The Restaurant Bar and Grill”)

The society has now grown and envelops  20 clubs, with substantially larger numbers of playing members.

In 2001, we were delighted to welcome Peter Alliss, as the Patron of our society. He was associated with  Moor Allerton G.C. for many years, 3 years as Professional.

He is recognised around the world not only for his playing record including “The Ryder Cup”  but more recently, for his informed and quirky golf commentaries, we wish Peter a long and pleasant association with our Society.

Captain of Captains - Mr. Bob Youde 2019 - 2020

Captain of Wakefield Golf Club 1994

Mr. Bob Youde

Wakefield Golf Club